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It has long been proven that rubber bracelets are effective for use not only in raising funds but also in commercial business. As opposed to selling rubber wristbands as products in and of it, it’s far easier to sell them for charitable or other such noble causes. After all, when you buy a bracelet from an organization with a cause, you’re showing your support for the cause, not for the bracelet which is merely a symbol of it.

But then, unlike wristbands made and sold commercially, fundraising rubber bracelets are usually the plainest and cheapest of its kind (the better to increase the profit of the organization) and perhaps not something anyone would be excited to wear every day. Sadly, that defeats the purpose. Most organizations that sell wristbands don’t just do it to earn money for their cause, they really want to spread a message and increase the public’s awareness of what their group is doing or trying to achieve. If people don’t wear the bracelets they buy, how would the word spread to others?

In contrast, businesses that sell rubber bracelets for private profit try very hard to make their products pop up from all the rest. They’re often bigger or thicker, have brighter colors, better designs, and more coherent themes. And they’re made from the best materials. All of these directly affect the cost of the finished products once they’re for sale, but price usually doesn’t matter to prospective buyers who recognize a wearable item when they see one.

rubber wristbandsMore and more lately, organizations involved in charity fundraising and business are realizing the gap between the two similar enterprises and are working towards bridging it. A lot of organizations no longer think that it’s the sentiment that counts when it comes to rubber wristbands; they’re also paying more attention to the wristbands’ “wearability,” indicating that on the question of their seriousness regarding spreading awareness about their cause, they truly mean business. As some would say, it would become a “lost cause” if people do buy the wristbands with its message then promptly forget about it because they don’t find the bracelet attractive enough to wear.

So what can you do to spice up your fundraising wristbands and make it fashionably wearable?

Pay more attention to the colors. If your cause is one of the more widespread ones, then the color of the rubber bracelets you’re customizing would be pretty much a given. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to that single color. Allow a little more contrast into the wristband as a whole—you could have different shades of the same color gradating over the band, or you could use a different color altogether for the inside strip of the bracelet. You could also have fun with the colors of the text you’re to put in the rubber bracelets. Consider all the most eye-catching color combinations and go with the one that pleases you the most. Just don’t settle for a single color for the entire bracelet.

Play with the sizes; try to mix and match. The bracelet’s height (or thickness of the band) range from as thin as 1/8 of an inch to a little over two centimeters. The most common size is around half an inch. There’s no written rule that say a person must have only one rubber band on their wrist at a time. If you could afford it, have different designs made in different sizes and then have an eclectic mix grace a model hand. That’s bound to attract attention and is a great way to market both your cause and your products.

Written by Brett Conner on July 7th, 2014

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All about Biker Patches   no comments

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The patches that you can see at the back of a biker’s jackets or vests are biker patches also known as “club colors” or “colors”. This visual identification is usually located at the middle back of the vest. These leather or denim patches are the means to recognize from what club a biker belongs. Bikers also use patches to display their personality or characteristics. Other motorcycle clubs uses their patch to represent their membership in the organization.

B-1These patches display the club-logo, name of the club, the possible state where they originated, province, and the chapter identification. Some bikers usually wear a patch to show a message or a symbol of what they do and what they are like – they know this action as “flying one’s colors”. These patches or colors can be embroidered patches, stenciled in paint and sewn onto the vests, jackets, or any clothing.

Bikers started wearing these patches after the award events of AMA (American Motorcycle Association). In the event, AMA would give special awards to the biker clubs that wore the best outfit, and in order to classify which club bikers belong, they started to wearing leather, metal, and denim patches that symbolize their bikers club. These patches attached in their garments are the “colors” or “cut” of the bikers. Biker patches represent the significant markers of the socialization.

Colors or patches identify the rank of the club’s members. The patches help determine the new members of the club, the rank and designation of the biker. Their patches determine who are the “prospects” and the full members or patch-holders. Usually, the patch-holders wear top and bottom rounded badge known as a “rocker” displaying the name of the club and the location where it started. The central logo shows the club’s insignia.

Biker patches has different representations and meanings. There are different kinds of patches that conform to what kind of biker club they belong, and what kind of association and beliefs they have. Usually, patches come in different numbers of pieces. There are clubs that use only one patch. Some clubs that uses one patch generally represents a motorcycle organization/association or a nonconformist social club. They are usually associated with particular manufacturers. Some clubs uses two patches, which represents a riding club or “paying dues”. Bikers that use three pieces of patches are often a member of a notorious clubs commonly known as the outlaw motorcycle club patch. Clubs who have three biker patches displayed are not recognized and are not an official member of AMA (American Motorcycle Association).

Although outlaw motorcycle club biker patches are more commonly recognized, there are also patches that represent other groups such as riding groups, law enforcement motorcycle clubs and Christian motorcycle clubs that uses patches with different styles and meanings. Their patches usually commemorate historical motorcycle events where their clubs originated or built such as rallies, AMA announcements and more.

No one can wear these patches unless they are members of the club. The patches are considered as the property of the club itself. It is an act of disgrace or disrespect to the club if a member allows another person to wear the patch without the club’s permission. It is highly advised that a member should take care of his patch because losing the patch or lending it to others may result to loss of membership or other punishments that the club will prefer.

Biker patches are made and worn by the members to create a social bond with other chapter members. It symbolizes unity and loyalty to the club. Setting boundaries are also one of the reasons why the patches differ from new members to the other high-ranking members of the club.

Written by Harold Payne on June 9th, 2014

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Buyer’s Guide to an HDMI Cable   no comments

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Of all the cables people own, an HDMI cable is probably one of the most important ones to have. The world has already made the transition from standard definition to high definition. It’s difficult to find a display, whether it’s a television, computer monitor, or on a mobile device, that doesn’t have the letters HD attached to it.

The issue with HD is that it requires the right equipment to get the most out of it sort of like how HD televisions only display HD images when it’s showing HD content. Getting the proper cable will allow the person to get Dvi-cablethe most out of there HD display because only an HDMI cable is capable of sending all the signals without any sort of quality loss.

Those unfamiliar with cables might be intimidated, but getting a good cable isn’t all that difficult. Below is a short buyer’s guide for people who want a good cable.

Price doesn’t really matter

One of the first things people really need to get out of their heads is that price has little to no bearing on the quality of the cable itself. More often than not, some people tend to think that pricier is better. This is why people grab the most expensive thing that they can afford.

There are times when this sort of approach is valid. Cars for example tend to be more expensive as their quality goes up. However, this is not true for cables.

There is really no discernable difference between an expensive and cheap HDMI cable. People don’t need to spend too much money on it. Manufacturers may try to show that their product is better in some way, but in the end all of them can carry the same signal, and that is really the only thing that should matter.

Length matters

This should be obvious, but sometimes people forget to buy cables that don’t have enough length. This is the first thing that should pop into the buyer’s mind. Buying a cable would be a waste of time, effort, and money if it’s not long enough to connect to what it needs to.

When deciding on the length of the cable, always take into account how the cable will be used. Some like to hide their cables, which is why they make their cables go through the most circuitous route for the sake of making it discreet. This kind of setup will obviously need longer cables. Those who don’t care much for aesthetic or neatness will only have to consider the distance from one object to another.

Buying cables from the internet or from a brick and mortar store

There are really only two places where a person can get a good cable, on the internet or from a brick and mortar store. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

The nice thing about a brick and mortar store is that the customer can actually see the cable first hand. They can get a better idea if the cable will be enough to cover the distance necessary to connect the two devices together. The other plus is that the customer gets what they pay for the moment they pay for it.

The upside to buying a cable from the internet is the number of different options available. The internet has plenty of websites that sell cables at a really affordable price point. Consumers are more or less spoiled for choice when it comes to cable sellers. The downside is that the buyer won’t be able to see the cable firsthand before buying it. The upside is that the buyer doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their own home since most online retailers deliver the HDMI cable to their customer’s doorstep.

Written by Joel Boyette on June 6th, 2014

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Drop Safes: Compromising between Fire Protection and Theft Protection   no comments

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Because of the prominent feature of drop safes, which is the presence of a drop hopper or slot where money and other things such as checks can be easily inserted, they are generally not fireproof. One can simply insert a lit matchstick into the hopper or slot and set the safe’s contents on fire. However, this act, which constitutes intentional arson on a very small scale, can still be considered a crime since there is damage to property involved.

Drop safes are mainly built to be drop safestheft-proof, but they can still be partially fireproof. Certifications by Underwriters Laboratories as well as other certification bodies usually mandate that all safes must be fireproof to an extent, with temperatures that they can withstand. For peace of mind, one can pick a drop safe that is at least Class 350 certified; since the ignition point of paper is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and paper money is usually made from specialized plant and/or synthetic fibers.

Fireproof safes have the following features: walls and doors made of steel with very high melting points, ensuring that they do not melt in a fire; a composite-clad structure, where there are many fire- and moisture-proofing layers usually made of materials such as concrete to ensure accumulated protection; and insulation panels. Combine fireproof drop safes with advanced anti-theft methods and there will be drop safes that are at least 80 to 90 percent protective against all types of threats.

One way to make sure the safe is at least qualified to be fireproof is to not bring anything that will generate fire and will easily fit into the hopper or slot. Company security measures can be implemented where managers and other authorized personnel must not bring things that can generate fire.

Another way of making drop safes fireproof is by strengthening their weak points, which are the hopper or slot. Even though they have anti-fish bafflers, they can still leave room for even the smallest sources of fire. For front-loading and rotary hopper safes, safe manufacturers can place fire-retardant materials into the bafflers in order to kill the small flame that would otherwise erupt and damage the contents. For slot-type safes, the “shark teeth” that comprise the anti-fish bafflers can be coated with the same fire-retardant materials.

Yet another way, which is implemented in most advanced safes today, is the release of moisture inside the safe itself. Once the safe senses a certain temperature, which is usually 450 degrees Fahrenheit or the ignition point of paper, moisture is automatically released to cool the internals 100 degrees Fahrenheit lower. The length of the cooling process can vary from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Yet another way, which is actually initiated by the authorized personnel handling the money, is to wrap the money to be deposited into the safe in flame-retardant material. Anyone who is foolish enough to drop a lit matchstick into the safe will have his or her arson attempt foiled.

Of course, the aforementioned methods will not ensure that the drop safe is fireproof. Having a combination of two or more, if not all, of those methods will certainly increase the chances of even a lowly drop safe being resistant to fire damage. Manufacturers of safes are still hard at work in perfecting their craft not just to outsmart thieves, but also to guard against natural and man-made disasters that cause fires. If planning to buy the most advanced drop safe, stay tuned for more developments in the world of locksmithing and general physical security. Who knows, someone out there will finally roll out a drop safe with the quality of the most advanced bank vault in the world.

Need drop safes that you can count on? You won’t find a secure safe for this price anywhere.

Written by Erik Payne on May 30th, 2014

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Inside the Castle: All Kings Were Once Crooks   no comments

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Since its humble beginnings in 2002, the progress of Crooks and Castles has made a reputation in turning villains into their own heroes; with creative designs inspired from the very lifestyles of its founders, Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio, who both grew up alongside the prevailing existence of gangs in their neighborhood in the 80s. The vision was clear, and the mission had every good intention—to rise from an environment that was oppressive of dreamers and achieve the goal of building a castle, one t-shirt at a time.

Crooks and Castles got their name from the aspiration of teaching others to build big dreams though the space and tools provided for are limited. The term “crooks” may be looked down upon because of its representation of criminals, and the term “castles” is referred to as the fruit of all great crooks: hard-earned wealth. Both founders believe that behind every castle is someone, or some people, who did something crooked to gain the riches that they have right now, not forgetting to include famous robber barons and Bill Gates. They stand for taking risks and being brave enough to step out of the ordinary in the hopes of pursuing a higher ground. Redefining street art, Crooks and Castles takes their craft to the fashion industry; urban wear with rebellious street style is their way of drawing villainous and stylish clothes enthusiasts and fashion junkies into their abode.

With its status Crooks & Castlestoday as one of the rising brands and clothes line of streetwear, the hardworking team behind Crooks and Castles are also self-proclaimed crooks; and being the crooks that they were, they started out with t-shirts after t-shirts until they were able to include a variety of apparel into their collection such as hoodies, jackets, jeans, shoes, and even hats, as well as accessories. They have launched collections that catered to the urban tastes of both men and women, and kids who have a fondness for the art of the street life.

Their unique graphic prints and the strong material they use in creating the clothes that a lot has come to love set them apart from other streetwear clothing lines; serving as memento mori of the past that started it all, their shameless graphic designs range from different sorts of guns, the Monopoly Man, chains, snakes, crowns, skulls, and other artistically devilish prints that are sure to make you the coolest bad guys of your neighborhood today. Every shirt has a story, because every shirt is not only a fashion thing but a reflection and a remembrance of a generation.

Though they have already made their way into the American popular culture by catching the attention of famous hip hop fans and personalities such as P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and even Justin Bieber, to name a few, the crooks behind this castle have already started the further expansion of their kingdom by building up a store wherein people can take their time browsing for their own streetwear that they are confident in expressing themselves with.

When the founders began building their castle with absolutely no knowledge of what they were embarking in, they arrived into the industry as a rookie that could easily be seen and forgotten; but as they pressed on, not giving up on that goal that had them going in the first place, their overpowering will has gotten them to the last brick of their palace. These crooks’ first castle finally stands. Despite Crooks and Castles having a fondness for favoring the villains in all its creative form, they prove that bad guys can also do good.

Written by Martin Grady on May 8th, 2014

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How to Choose the Right Cooling Mister   no comments

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Misters deliver mist into the air to promote cooling. The mist is a finer water molecule, but behaves differently than liquid water. While it is made up of water molecules, the behavior is more like steam or fog. Mist is an aerosol suspended in the air once released. During hot weather, mist evaporates more quickly than water does. As a result, the heat in the air also evaporates with the mist – in a process called flash evaporation. The surrounding air is left much cooler. The temperature can drop by 20 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the weather, the amount of mist, how long the mister is operating and how small the mist particles are.

Generally, finer mist evaporates faster than bigger water particles. The faster the rate of evaporation, the quicker the cooling effect. Misters can cool a large area when it is operating over a long period and when the mists are finer. As the mister works longer, more mist is released and more air is cooled. The cooled air circulates to areas away from the mister, cooling the air it passes through. Misters cool the air by evaporating the heat, not by drenching the people with water sprays. High quality misters can deliver very fine mist that a soft moist brush is all that is felt. Low quality ones deliver larger water particles that do we the people within the area.

What to look for

When choosing misters, it is important to keep a few in minds. The intended use is first and foremost. If buying a mister that can be used for a lot of general purposes, get a mister bottle. This is more versatile, as any liquid can be poured into it. Mister bottles can house water to cool a small space, or to mist plants like orchids and ferns. Oil can be placed in this bottle and used in lieu of a cooking spray. Oil mist from mister bottles is generally safer, as it does not contain aerosols that are harmful to the environment and to health. Aerosols contribute to ozone layer damage. These chemicals can also combine with food, increasing the risks for certain diseases. Mister bottles can also be used to deliver moisturizers to frizzy hair or to the face. Most bottles have adjustable tips. Watery liquids can be sprayed into very fine mist using the finest setting. Denser liquids like oil do best in the middle setting. Mister bottles can also be used as personal misters. Cooling the body anytime and anywhere is made possible by simply putting cold water in the bottle and mist the body whenever needed. It will not drench the body or the clothes, yet provides adequate cooling mechanism.

When the goal is to cool a room or space, like a patio, water misters are suitable for the job. They are available in portable or installed types. Water misters come in a variety of nozzles that can be adjusted according to the preferences. They also come in a high-pressure or low-pressure version. The most common is the low-pressure water mister. Some water misters are so simple that can be attached to a water hose; turn on the faucet and presto- instant cooling mist. Water misters are also available with a single nozzle attachment or multiple ones. Water misters are able to cool a smaller space. Larger rooms are cooled but after a considerable operating time. It is also dependent on the presence of a breeze to circulate the cool air.

Misting fans create their own air current to circulate the mist and cooled air better, faster and to a wider range. A water mister is installed in a fan and functions in the same manner as a regular water mister. The only difference is the generation of its own air current to distribute the mist.

For faster cooling or for larger areas, misting systems are best suited. These are water misters with a water supply delivered to each of its nozzles. This mister type can cool a larger area faster.

Written by Tom Frederic on April 25th, 2014

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From Wood to Synthetic Golf Clubs   no comments

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golf clubsBecause of the ever-advancing technology, new materials are being discovered and invented. Thus, innovations in all aspects of life are also being discovered and invented. These discoveries in technology are reflected almost in anything, from food to buildings, and from infrastructures to sports. Looking back, most of the sports have evolved, having different looks and forms, because of these discoveries. Golf is a good example of a sport that has been touched by technology. Because of newly discovered materials, golf equipments (especially golf clubs) have evolved from being made of wooden sticks to being composed of fiberglass.

Golf clubs changed through time. First, they were made from hard and soft wood and now, from fiber composite. During the invention of the game of golf, the set of clubs that were used were made of wood. Shafts were made from soft wood and heads were made from hard wood. The soft wood that was used was ash and hazel wood, which were really flexible. The hard woods used were oak, cherry, beech, and apple wood, which were used for the heads. Because of new inventions involving golf balls, the materials used for golf clubs were changed for better performance. The changing properties of balls required changes in club technology. American hickory was used for the shaft as a replacement to soft wood and hazel wood. American Persimmon wood was used for the heads of the clubs. Because of the discovery or iron and other metals, mass production of steel, and invention of the Haskell ball, steel became the primary material in making such golf equipment. Haskell ball is a golf ball that has a core made of rubber.

Nowadays, the choices for the material for golf clubs are wood, steel alloys, carbon graphite, and titanium. Terms used are usually iron and wood when it comes to the type of clubs, but that does not mean that a certain club is made of purely iron or wood. Most of the clubs today are made of various materials, such that the head has a different composition from the shaft and from the grip. The material used in making the club affects the properties of the club, which in turn affects the performance of the golf player when using certain types of clubs.

Wood clubs are usually for long distance plays. These clubs are usually long because of longer shaft lengths and bigger heads. At the present time, wood clubs are mostly not made of wood anymore, unlike before when the head is made of persimmon wood.
Steel alloy is the most common material used today for shafts and heads because of its affordability and various properties. Before, iron was the main metal used in making the clubs. That is also the reason why one type of club is named iron even though the composition of the club is not really iron or is not pure iron. Steel alloys are easier to manipulate. These clubs have lighter centers and have greater inertia, thus they are easier to hit golf balls with for reaching a greater distance.

The use of titanium in making golf clubs became apparent in the 1990s because of the innovations in science and technology. Titanium is lightweight but very strong, thus it is commonly used in making drivers, a type of club that is used first when the player is about to hit the ball from the tee. Titanium is used rarely compared to steel since it is more expensive.

Carbon graphite, similar to titanium, is also expensive and lightweight. Graphite heads are usually used in wood clubs, or the clubs used for long distance shots.
Different materials have different properties and some may offer a superior performance compared to others. It is important that in getting one’s own set of clubs, one should consider the advantages and disadvantages of using the old, the not so old, and the new materials.

Written by Dale Ferguson on April 16th, 2014

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Internet Marketing Without a Content Writer is A Bad Idea   no comments

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When it comes to promoting anything online, you will need to do more than just have a social media account. Too many companies assume that by jumping on board with this popular medium, they can control a great deal of market share, but that’s not true at all. In fact, many people will find that the more you focus on just one side of the marketing chain, the less influence you have overall. This may sound like something that isn’t true to life, but it’s evidenced by the fact that many profiles get completely ignored. If you want to make a serious impact online, you will need to hire good content writers to not only manage your writing, but to also fill out all your pages with proper content.

The Content War Rages On

content writersEvery single website on the web today is trying to get more visitors. Some are doing it the hard way, and others are doing it the easy way. You could try to go for the hardest of ways, putting up content that you painstakingly write on a daily basis, or you could hire someone to help you with the process. When you ask for a helping hand, you may find that putting together sentences becomes second nature. Once you have the right kind of phrases and words on your page, you’ll be easily found by the end user.

No matter what type of site you have, you need to get a helping hand. There are too many pages on the web that rely on lackluster contextual agreements, and those sites get buried in rankings. If you want to get noticed, you’ll absolutely need to make sure that you’re provided with the right kind of marketing collateral. If you don’t want to compete with anyone, then by all means, stay out of this sector of advertising. If you want to tackle the giants of your industry, this is the way to do it.

It’s Not Just Writing

The big misconception that people have when hiring a content writers comes down to what is being written. Everyone assumes that filling out a web page with words is simple. Some sites go the minimal approach, and that’s fine. Minimalism is fine, if you’re setting up an art gallery, but if you want to have a robust page with a lot of visitors and a good call to action, you’re going to need to do more than just get good design on your side. Too many focus on the design elements instead of the text of the page, and that’s a bad way to work within the world of internet marketing today. When hiring a professional, you will be given a very specific type of document that can be used for the promotion of your website, without hitting the end user over the head with syntax. This is a nuance style that not everyone does or can do. There are some bestselling authors that can’t work within this parameter, which is why you need to be careful whom you hire.

Avoiding The Hiring Process

Let’s assume that you are an iconoclast, and you’re going to try and reinvent the proverbial wheel of advertising on the web. You can do so, and many are trying to do just that, but as many have done in the past, it’s going to fail. It’s better to fall in line with the current relationship of search engine optimization than it is to try and invent a new way to circumvent what’s in place. If you just fall in line with the recommendations that are laid out by the top search providers, you will gain major notice. Your pages could even rank at #1 for a variety of keywords, which is something definitely worth noting. If you go without hiring anyone, you’ll be trekking through areas that many people already have, and they’ve written about it extensively. Try it, and you’ll end up hiring a content producer fast.

Written by Michael Goudelock on April 2nd, 2014

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Questions to Ask If You Want to Install Live Chat Software in Your Website   no comments

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If you are interested in purchasing and/or downloading live chat software, here are the questions you need to ask. Answering these will enable you to find the right program for your website.

Who will manage the live chat service?

live chatYour website’s live chat program is worthless if there’s no one available to respond to consumers’ queries. That being said, you need to decide early on if you or your company will take on the program’s administration or if you’re going to outsource the job. If you choose the former option, make sure that you have the time and, in some cases, the staff to do so. With regard to the program you should choose, make sure that the software allows mobile access so that you can connect to it and interact with the website’s visitors even if you’re not in the office by using your smart phone or tablet computer.

If you’re thinking of having the program managed by an outside service provider because of time constraints and/or limited personnel, you have two options. First, there are companies that not only offer live chat software for websites; they will also take care of its administration for a fee. Second, you can outsource or hire the services of a call center to do the job for you.

What is your website’s hosting capability?

It is important that you take note of the platform your website’s host computer runs on – that is, is it using a Microsoft, Mac, or Linux OS? This information will help you choose the right live chat program for your website. Not taking this into consideration might cause the program you chose to malfunction, or it might fail to install altogether. Currently, most live chat programs work well with Microsoft OS, but if you’re using Mac, you might have a hard time looking for the right software.

Is a live chat program worth the added cost?

Although most live chat programs are inexpensive – especially if you are only interested in the widget and not the pop-up window type – you still have to think things through before you decide to invest in one. The cost of your website having live chat capabilities is not only limited to the tag price of the program. As previously mentioned, if you don’t have anyone available in your company to act as administrator, you will have to either hire someone to do so or outsource the job, either of which can add to your operational expenses. Therefore, before you make your purchase, assess your finances first. If you’re sure you can accommodate the cost of the software and other associated fees, the next thing you should do is determine if installing a live chat program will be beneficial to your company in the long run. If it is so, you can start searching for the right live chat software for your website.

Apex Chat is a Live Chat company that provides live chat software and service.

Written by Walter Quinn on December 18th, 2013

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No More Health Worries with Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg   no comments

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Meet John. At only forty-seven, he already feels twice his age. Before going to work, he takes some vitamins he has bought from a local drug store. While working, he remembers to take some prescription drugs for his cholesterol level. After a long day at work, he reaches for some aspirins to help ease his backaches and muscles pains and when he gets home, he takes prescription drugs again to normalize his blood pressure level. John gets very worried because he realizes that he has been taking more than five different prescription drugs everyday for the last two years.

Today, many people share John’s story. Because of unhealthy diet, pollution, stress and many other factors, sickness becomes inevitable. Medical studies show that more people are taking prescription drugs. The quantity and dosage also increase year by year. Taking too many prescribed drugs has its clinical side effects, too. It can lead to overdose, abuse and addiction, liver damage or even death.

Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mgThere is something you can do so you don’t have to take countless amounts of prescribed drugs anymore. There would be no need to worry over overdose, addiction, liver damage, or any other side effect. According to clinical studies, there are so many health wonders brought by Omega 3. Where can we get Omega-3? Basically, we can get it from fish oil, egg oil, algae oil, squid oil, krill oil and even some plant oils. However, researches show strong clinical evidence that fish oil contains the most and best Omega-3. To achieve the required amount and best quality of fish oil, one has to eat mercury-free fish once or even twice a day.

Now people can get the required amount and the best quality of fish oil in the most convenient way. Icelandic Fourmula offers top rated Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg. It includes potent EPA and DHA Omega 3 fish oil, which is quite helpful in lowering down triglycerides and blood pressure.

Taking the Omega 3 fish Oil 1000 mg every day may help alleviate health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and may reduce risk of acquiring coronary heart diseases. It also reduces the risk of ischemic stroke. Some medical studies have also shown that Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg has significant effects on the treatment of health conditions such as insomnia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and even bipolar disorder.

In conjunction with good nutrition and exercise, Icelandic Fourmula Omega 3 Fish Oil1000mg can do wonders to one’s body. Now, a person does not have to live in Iceland to attain that optimal health and youthfulness. Icelandic people are sharing their health secret through the Icelandic Fourmula Omega 3 Fish Oil1000mg.

Taking control of one’s health is not a problem. Just take Icelandic Fourmula Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg and live better and longer.

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